I spent my last weekend in a lazy-comfy-mode kinda days..  which for me, meant watching marathon movies and tv series that have been piling up and starting to make me feel guilty not to watch and get them over with.

Yep, I am really that responsible when it comes to my playlist. Go ahead.. ask anyone.

So I put them on, all the way from last 4 episodes of Big Bang Theory to ‘Glass House’, a movie about 2 orphan siblings whose parents were murdered by their best friend to get into the kids’ trust fund.

It was pretty nice (the whole weekend I meant, the movie was okay), and I got caught up by this one line by one of the character from the Glass House; “this too, shall pass”.

Well, it’s true. It’d be a pretty hard life for every one not having faith in these simple words.

My father used to remind me over and over again, how there can’t be a party that lasts forever, it just takes away the fun out of it. Oh, and if the rain was to go non-stop, then it probably means the time for this world we’re living in is up. So there’s no point really to lose faith now, might as well die believing.. (insert Asian Dad’s stereotyped ‘you’re-dumb look’ here)

Yes, to answer your question.. my father can be pretty grinch-y sometime. Forgive him.

But you see.. no matter how many people trying to get this into your head, I know believing it is pretty much harder when you are the person on that spot, waiting for whatever this is to, well..  pass.

The good news is, you actually don’t need anyone telling you this, or doing the dancing to make you believe you can someday laugh again. You’ve lived, so you know from your own experience that every single night you must’ve gone through, had literally passed you to make ways for the mornings.


The bad news is, you often forget that fact, don’t you? Like you’re stuck in that crappy scene where you loss your memory, with no one can talk you into remembering them back but yourself.

So it is you, brave ones! You’re the one who should be reminding your awesome self of those times when you also didn’t believe yet you’ll get through!

There is no easy way to tell you this. Now that your entire being is focusing more on how to blame everything in this universe including yourself and others whose eyes gaze at you in helplessness. All those hands refusing to acknowledge your shaking self for all the miseries you’re suffering this exact moment..

But hey! There has gotta to be some hands, right? Even just the one?

So if there was some hope for you to remember just how strong you really are, it was by looking at that person whose hands you were holding during those stormy nights on the past, seeing the rewards for you both as you managed to come out alive.

I find it beautiful, that these precious souls God bless us with, most often than not, are the reflection to our own strength. Reminding us of what we’re capable of, and that we are stronger than whatever demons and pain tearing our soul right now.